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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Help

  1. Summary of Help available
    • Traditional F1 HtmlHelp
    • Context Sensitive Help (CSH)
    • Hover Tool-Tips
    • Tutorial
    • Tip-of-the-Day
    • Qarbon viewlet (animated slideshow)
    • LcdBible website
    • Yahoo e-group
  2. What help is available via Traditional F1 HtmlHelp
    Pressing the F1 key activatates traditional WinHelp. A Table of Contents with available Help pages is shown. Links are available to navigate to different topics. Popup help windows are available for definitions and clarifications. See the Tutorial for further info.
  3. What help is available via Context Sensitive Help (CSH)?
    Most people find CSH much more useful for learning how to use an application. Context Sensitive Help allows immediate information about a particular control, such as the purpose of a specific button or other control. It is activated by using the LMB (Left Mouse Button) to click on the ?-Mark icon in the upper right of the TitleBar. This changes the cursor to a ?-Mark What's This cursor. This cursor can now be moved over the control of interest and clicked with the LMB. CSH for that control is then displayed. The CSH can be dismissed (closed) by clicking anywhere else. See the Tutorial for further info.
  4. What help is available via Hover Tool-Tips?
    The quickest way to get more information about a button is to move the mouse cursor over that button for a brief period of time. A small amount of text will be shown giving a brief explanation of what that button is for. Note that this won't work with the Find button and VerseRef button until something has been typed into the Find Input Field. They are disabled if the Find Input Field is empty.
  5. What help is available via the Tutorial?
    LcdBible provides a 100+ step Tutorial, oriented to less experienced computer users. At the start of the tutorial, each and every mouse click and keystroke is described. Unless you have a dual monitor setup, it may be easier to go through the tutorial by printing it out and following along. It can be viewed by:
    Start + Programs + LcdBible Folder + LcdBible Tutorial LcdBible
  6. What help is available via Tip-of-the-Day?
    When LcdBible is first launched/loaded, it will display a dialog with a Tip of the Day. This is intended to provide useful information to the beginning user of of LcdBible. Eventually, you will probably want to disable it by unchecking the "Show Tips on StartUp" checkbox. It can be re-enabled in the Options Dialog.
  7. What help is available via a Qarbon viewlet (animated slideshow)?
    There is an animated slideshow that provide orientation and training for LcdBible users. It can be useful to actually see an application in operation. Note that these are BIG files and it may not be practical to view these slideshows unless you have broadband internet connection. Also, your browser security settings may preclude watching them. With these caveats in mind, give them a try!
  8. What help is available via the LcdBible website?
    The LcdBible website has links for the FAQ, viewlets, download the latest version of LcdBible, and support.
  9. What help is available via the Yahoo e-group?
    Support questions can be sent to yahoogroups. Also, you can look over previously asked questions to see if your issue has already been addressed. Note that this message board is moderated, and will NOT generate spam.
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