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(Acts 17:11)

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  1. Summary: what enhancements are envisioned for LcdBible?
    • Dictionary capability
    • Incremental searching
    • Note-taking
    • Footnote capability
    • Cross-reference capability
    • Simple internationalization
    • Links to commentaries
    • Expanded number of Bible texts
    • Palm pda and/or Pocket-PC versions
    • Integration with InVerse Scripture memorization freeware
    • Enhanced task-thread model
    • Smart packager website for download distribution
    • COM Automation for potential plug-in architecture by other front-ends
    • Improved XP collaborative development environment
    • Integration / links with sermon repositories
  2. What is dictionary capability?
    LcdBible would be able to detect the word underneath the mouse cursor (initially the selected word). If this word was in a preloaded dictionary, after a brief period of time (hover), a dictionary definition would show as a ToolTip. Eventurally, the preloaded dictionary could be augmented by user definitions.
  3. What is incremental searching?
    The Search Matches List would be built after each entered letter (g.e.n might find 2000 matches, g.e.n.e might find 1000 matches, g.e.n.e.r might find 500 matches, g.e.n.e.r.a.t.i.o.n might find 88 matches, etc.). The current search algorithms might be fast enough with a modern computer to handle this, although this would probably be a switchable setting with a default of Off. This might involve implementation of worker threads to take advantage of modern hyper-threading CPU's.
  4. What is note-taking?
    End-users would be allowed to enter their own notes about a specific verse. These entries would be preserved for subsequent sessions.
  5. What is footnote capability?
    Published Bibles and fuller featured Bible software have provisions to show notes about a particular verse or verses. This could be comments such as found in Study Bibles, or information as to whether a verse is not found in certain texts.
  6. What is cross-reference capability?
    Published Bibles and fuller featured Bible software have provisions to show other verses that are related to the current verse. For example, the short Sermon on the Mount in Luke would have cross-references to the corresponding verses in Matthew. Quotes in the New Testament would reference the corresponding Old Testament verse. The software would implement jump links to the related verse. This capability is one of the key advantages of Bible software over published hardcopy Bibles.
  7. What are links to commentaries?
    Fuller featured Bible software provides direct links to commentaries for a specific verse. You can more or less easily consult what Matthew Henry, John Wesley, John MacArther, or others have to say about a verse or verses. This can be extremely valuable, and is another key advantage of Bible software over published hardcopy Bibles. However, LcdBible's sola scriptura approach is reluctant to proceed in this direction ... there is a definite tendency to become over-reliant on commentaries, to the point of considering commentaries (and confessions) as inspired. Other Bible software provides vast amount of linked commentaries. LcdBible
  8. What is simple internationalization?
    English speaking people are blessed to have a large number of very good Bibles available in modern English (some public domain, some commercial, some with minimal restrictions, etc.). Other languages are less blessed, and LcdBible could eventually assist more directly in the Great Commission to make disciples in all the world.

    There are internationalization approaches utilized by other Bible freeware that uses unicode and can make a very large number of foreign languages available with their native fonts. However, there are some potential and actual problems: slow searches, complicated software development, bloated code and executables, complicated / baffling user interface, etc.

    LcdBible might be able to improve upon this situtation by intentionally applying the Pareto 80/20 Principle - implement a solution that provides 80% of the capability with 20% of the effort. This would probably mean a limit to those languages which can be expressed with UTF-8 bit fonts.

    Also, the intentional simplicity of LcdBible's user interface would reduce the effort for internationalizing the associated Help text. It isn't that difficult to have the Bible text show up in Spanish, German, Klingon, Swahili, or Chinese. The software also needs to have the books of the Bible translated (not difficult) AND the words on the dialog windows (more difficult) AND should translate the context sensitive help and other Help (can be VERY difficult). How useful is note-taking to a German or French user if the associated widget is English and the capability is explained in English?

    A very early version of LcdBible provided quick and dirty prototypes of Spanish, German, and French versions. After all, there are only four static words on the main LcdBible application window (Books, Search, Options, and Help). At that time, the internationalized versions took less than half a day to prepare -- all three. Internationalization of the Options Dialog, Help Dialog, and Context Sensitive Help could be deferred.

  9. What is Palm pda and/or Pocket-PC versions?
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  10. What is integration with InVerse?
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  11. What is enhanced task-thread model?
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  12. What is smart packager website?
    [answer to this under construction] LcdBible
  13. What is COM automation?
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  14. What is improved XP collaborative development environment?
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  15. What is integration / links with sermon respositories?
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