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(Acts 17:11)

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Searching

  1. What are the default settings for LcdBible searching?
    Search all books of the currently selected Bible; must find all words specified, but the words don't have to be in the specified order. Case sensitivity is off. The specified word is considered matched if it is part of a larger word.
  2. Is regular expression searching available?
    No. This precludes some searches, but didn't seem essential for the anticipated audience of LcdBible.
  3. How does LcdBible search capabilities compare to other Bible software?
    Typically faster. Some implement regular expressions. LcdBible allows searching from the main window, which is more intuitive and easier than some. LcdBible is more capable than some with the Partial Words option. With this turned off, only exact, full words are selected as a match (heaven doesn't match heavens).
  4. What limits / restrictions exist for LcdBible searching?
    Several. Can't span more than one verse. Regular expressions aren't implemented. Only one Bible translation at a time is searched for matches. LcdBible
  5. What happens when the Defaults button is pressed?
    Most options revert back to their default setting as originally installed, including Find options, Font Size, but not Translation.
  6. What happens when the Done button is pressed?
    A whole new search is done, based on any revisions to the Find Word(s) Input Field and the other settings. When the Options Dialog is shown, the Find Word(s) Input Field is the same as the main window, but it can be changed. The main window shows the Find Matches List with associated TitleBar stats and verses in the Text Viewer.
  7. What happens when the Find button is pressed?
    This is almost the same as pressing the Done button, but the Options Dialog is reshown. This facilitates iterative refinement of the Search with a quasi-modeless dialog.
  8. What is a quasi-modeless dialog?
    A modal dialog is shown until closed (dismissed) and the actual application is suspended. A modeless dialog allows the actual application to respond to changes made in the dialog while the modeless dialog remains visible. A quasi-modeless dialog is a somewhere between these two. LcdBible
  9. What difference does a change in the Find Range Includes setting make?
    By default, LcdBible searches for matches in every book ot the currently selected Bible. This can be narrowed down to a range of books. There are predefined ranges, such as Old Testament and New Testament. You can alsp specify a Custom Range, like 1 John 1 to 1 John 3.
  10. What difference does a change in the Translation setting make?
    LcdBible detects a number of installed files from The CrossWire Bible Society. As of 1.30k, this includes Akjv, Asv, Bbe, GodsWord, Kjv, Litv, Mkjv, Rsv, Web, and others. If these files actually reside in the installation directory, you can switch to that translation.
  11. What difference does a change in the All Words setting make?
    Unchecked: If multiple words are specified, a verse will be considered to match if any of the words are contained within it. This can be useful if you are not sure of the spelling of a word. Note that this selection will turn Phrase Find Choice to No. [Example: "eleazar eleazer eliazer"]
    Checked (default): If multiple words are specified, all of the words must be found to be considered a match. The words do not necessarily have to be in order unless the Phrase Find Choice is selected. [Example: "Son high God" would match a verse that has the words "Son of the most high God", but would not match a verse with "Son of God"]
  12. What difference does a change in the Case Sensitive setting make?
    Different matches will be found depending on whether capitalization of letters makes a difference.
    Unchecked (default): Capitalization doesn’t matter when determining matches. [Example: "joseph" matches "Joseph"]
    Checked: Capitalization is taken into account when determining whether a word is found in a verse. This can also be used to find when a word is used at the beginning of a sentence or verse. [Example: "Lot" finds references to the person Lot and leaves out "lot" and "lots"] LcdBible
  13. What difference does a change in the Partial Words setting make?
    Unchecked: To be considered a match, the exact word must be found (not just part of the word). [Example: "love" would not match "for God so loved the world"]
    Checked (default): A match is allowed if the specified word is found as part of a longer word. [Example: "son" would match "persons"]
  14. What difference does a change in the Phrase setting make?
    Unchecked (default): If multiple words are specified, the words do not have to be in order to be considered a match. [Example: "God loved" would match with "for God so loved the world"]
    Checked: If multiple words are specified, all of the words must be found in the order specified to be considered a match. [Example: "Son of God" would not match a verse that has the words "Son of the most high God"]
  15. Can a touch typist use shortcuts to minimize switching from the mouse to the keyboard?
    Yes. The Find Button is the default pushbutton for the application, so pressing the Enter-Key is the same as clicking on the Find button. Also, ^-F (Ctrl-F) and Alt-F are shortcuts for the Find button. You can search for a whole series of words without ever taking your hands away from the keyboard.
  16. There is only one input field. Can I specify a Verse Reference like John 3:16?
    Yes. The software detects if there is a number in the Find Input Field and automagically changes into GoTo-VerseReference mode. It attempts to resolve the Find word(s) as a Verse Reference, and shows this verse if it is valid. The shortcuts noted above also work, so you use the Enter-Key, ^-F, or ^-R. This allows you to enter a whole series of Verse References without having to take your fingers off the keyboard. LcdBible
  17. What difference does a change in the Font Size setting make?
    The font-size in the Text Viewer is adjusted. Note that the font-size of other controls is not changed.
  18. What difference does a change in the Daily Tip setting make?
    This controls whether the Tip of the Day dialog is shown when LcdBible first starts.
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